About my art

Tranquility | Cecilia Taibo Rahban

Welcome to my atelier! Here you’ll find my energy art: my original digital, positive energy paintings and nature photography. Well, that’s how I started this site; since then I added my abstract paintings and photography; there’s so much color, form and texture to explore and share! 

My energy art was born out of my desire to create paintings that would radiate a particular feeling through my intent and choice of colors. It came about from the combination of studying how our thoughts affect how we feel and my love of color, with the influence it can have on us, and its long history of use in healing.

I start by focusing on a positive quality I want this new painting to convey, that is my intent throughout its creation, and then becomes its title. All my work is digital, from setting up the canvas, to painting and then printing. My choice of colors represents my intent to bring positive energy, balance, peace, joy, love, creativity and wisdom to the canvas. All of my creations, whether be paintings or photographs, are my way of communicating these qualities.


Cecilia Taibo Rahban